Thursday, May 10, 2018

Upcoming Convention or Conference? Memphis Jones Productions

Do you wonder where Memphis Jones is performing when he's not on Beale Street in Memphis, Tn? 


Recent conference clients include MAST Travel Network, American Advertising Corporation, MS Cancer Survivors and Caregivers, Arkansas Oil Marketers Association, Mississippi Public Health Association, and Whole Schools Initiative. 

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"Memphis is the consummate professional...calming, accommodating and charming.  He had our attendees dancing around and was the highlight of our event.  You can tell he loves what he does. Memphis Jones is a must have if you are looking for live music for your event. I hope we can work together again."

~Susan Filz, Event and Meeting Manager for MAST Travel Network

Photo credit: James Wessel
Providing a unique experience for conference attendees, Memphis Jones interactive style produces an inspiring keynote address, tailored to fit specific themes and needs.

As a high-engery performer, he offers a night of music that keeps guests entertained and engaged throughout a kick-off event, special dinner, or closing event.

Memphis Jones Productions offers full convention/conference packages* that include: 
• Memphis' customized keynote address
• full band performance of up to 3 sets of live music
• professional sound
• professional stage lighting

*Separate components are also available.

Memphis addressing town officials in the Netherlands.

See Frequently Asked Questions about Memphis as a keynote speaker HERE.

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