Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Memphis Jones aboard the American Queen

Memphis Jones will again be aboard the American Queen this week with an original Memphis Jones Blues lecture set to music. Memphis was originally hired by the Memphis Convention & Visitors Bureau to cover the American Queen's christening by Priscilla Presley. He has continued his relationship with the American Queen Steamboat Company by performing concerts aboard and emceeing themed cruises from New Orleans to Memphis. You can see his interview with Rock and Roll royalty's Priscilla Presley here:

Memphis knows Memphis, the South and the music rooted in the southern USA like no other. To have Memphis perform aboard your vessel, under your tent or on your stage, contact him here. He is multi-talented performer and a gifted professional speaker. Memphis Jones is a moment manufacturer and will bring your crowd into his world as soon as he steps onto the stage.
Watch how this crowd reacts to a surprise appearance by Memphis Jones at an event held at the Cannon Center in downtown Memphis, TN:

Or check out authentic fan reviews collected from the internet here.

Memphis Jones pictured with band prior to a performance on Beale Street.

To book Memphis for tours, music or personality work, click here
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